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Lots of tidbits this week to focus on, but I, like everyone else, will begin with a discussion about McNabb and the Redskins vs. Vick and the Eagles.  The first thing I would like to get off my chest is the unending praise for Michael Vick.  1st of all, the dude tortured and killed dogs.  It doesn’t keep me up at night and I don’t have a dart board with Vick’s face in the middle, but Vick is a bad dude.  I’ve always thought so.  He has an evil smile and the only time I ever got into arguments with my fellow fans in section 449 was when the ‘Skins played the Falcons in 2006 and some of our fans rooted for Washington and for Vick to do well because they loved him so much at Virginia Tech.

The dude is a bad dude.

But worst of all is this unending praise of Vick coming from the Eagles and on which everyone is reporting.  The Eagles are talking about how much Vick has improved and how he has spent hours in the film room and on the field honing his craft and that they are not surprised by his renaissance.  Let’s face it, if the Eagles were so high on Vick then why had they named Kolb the starter from the day they traded McNabb to us and for every day since then.  Even after Vick torched the Lions, Kolb was still the starter, but Andy Reid probably realized that he would totally lose his team if he did not name Vick the starter for last week’s game against the Jaguars.

So the truth of the matter is that while Vick is playing well, his excellent play is not a result of great Eagles’ management, but just by the fact that the Eagles are just plain lucky.  They tried to trade him in the off-season and failed and now, with some of the most unbelievable luck around, their starter gets injured and the dude who tried to ship out of town is now playing great.

Philly’s fans have of course embraced him while less than two years ago they panned him as a “murderer”, “criminal” and “dog killer”.  He is their hero and frankly keeping in mind all these other aliases given to him by denizens of  that putrid football fanbase,  I guess it’s somewhat appropriate.

Then of course we have the fact that the Phillies fans embarrassed us on Monday night in Nationals Park.  Philly fans travel.  We know that and the fault is our own for not going out to support to team.  I was not there so I cannot slam the rest of D.C., but nonetheless, it doesn’t hurt any less to have the Phillies beat up on us again and give satisfaction to a fanbase that is very lucky (Eagles and Flyers both come to memory), but somehow feels like they deserve it.

And now of course, they are playing our Redskins.  Would it not seem fair that we at least take this game from them?  Is there no justice for us?  Is there no such thing as karma?  Shouldn’t it be that McNabb, who as my old man puts it is a decent man and a great player who was never appreciated by the bunch of assholes masquerading as Philly sports fans,  gets some vindication against those who dragged his name in the mud for so many years?  (The fact that I was one of those is besides for the point as far as this discussion is concerned.)

Rather than adapt this train of thought, many have taken this game as an occasion to slam the Redskins as old and trying to win now even though we don’t have the pieces in place and praise the Eagles as being young and talented and contenders when all they have done is beat the Lions and Jaguars, the dregs of the NFL.  Of course, the fact that we lost to a perennial member of these same dregs in the Rams just adds fuel to the fire.

The Redskins are old not because Shanalahan actually think that this is the way to construct a team. We are old because Shanalahan have filled in the holes in our roster with cheap veterans only because you can only draft so many players in one off-season.  Those who slam the draft make it seem like our 2nd and 3rd round picks have been cut and all we have left is Trent Williams and Perry Riley.  Jeremy Jarmon is our 3rd round pick.  The fact that he is not playing is a point of concern to me especially as our defense continues to get torched, but he is on the team.

The Redskins will be younger next year and better.  With Trent Williams, Brian Orakpo, Laron Landry, Cooley, Fred Davis, and McNabb, the Redskins are good at key positions for a while to come.  Of course there are key young players yet to be drafted that must be drafted in the next two years, but we have the building blocks.  Frankly speaking, with the Eagles tattered o-line, not very good defense and as far as I am concerned, not yet solid QB, they are not all that good either.  The big difference is that they have DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin and we don’t.  And everyone notices wide-receivers.

Of course this weekend will either prove me very right or very wrong, but in the meantime I felt it important to offer a less biased look at the Eagles.

One last thing:  a lot has been made of Clinton Portis’ flop in the 1st quarter of our loss to the Rams.  I have to admit that it did seem a bit strange and I have already said that I thought Torain looked better than Portis.  Torain looks like he should get more opportunities than Portis this weekend, but don’t be surprised if Portis’ apparent demotion last week was yet another mind game from lil’ Sigmund to motivate Portis.  I wonder if Portis comes out with some extra fire this weekend against the disgusting Eagles.

The man is obviously not scared of contact.  The 1st two games of the season show that.   Maybe he is scared of getting a concussion and maybe the situation he found himself this past Sunday against the Rams reminded him of the play at the end of which he got his concussion last year against Atlanta.  I don’t know, but I would not be surprised to see Portis back out there on Sunday albeit I look forward to seeing Torain more and more.

I don’t think Portis has some  magic dust that he can sprinkle to take back the hands of time, (like I said in the last post, the masquerade is over), but I don’t expect him to go quietly into the night either.


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The Masquerade is Over

People are upset in Washington and rightfully so.

There is so much to digest after this loss that it seems like too much for me to put down in words.

I do think that the coaches are making a mistake in not playing Chris Wilson instead of Andre Carter, at least for some period of time and Devin Thomas for anyone not named Santana Moss.

While it is clear that the Redskins have a team in transition, the good news is that we are in true transition.  Many of the players who are here now are just filling holes with patches that are to this point not holding together very well.  They will not be here next year.

It is interesting that Ryan Torain has seemingly taken over the starting job of running back, but yet he did not make the team out of training camp.  Then the dude that we signed last week who took Brandon Banks’ spot did not even dress on Sunday.  The running back position will obviously be addressed in the draft unless Torain or Williams turn into something we don’t expect, but as of right now, there are a lot more questions than answers.

Phillip Buchanan who basically has done nothing so far returning punts is no better than Randle-El from last year.  And of top of it, he made a bone-headed mistake yesterday in fumbling a punt he should of let go.  Why at this point would the coaches not put Brandon Banks back there.  He can fumble just as good as Buchanan, but he can also run a helluva lot faster than Buchanan.

Last year when we lost to Detroit, I filled my head with delusions about how we could bounce back and be 2-2 and win some more games.  This year, the masquerade is over.  I know we are going to be terrible, there is no way around it.  There’s no magic wands anyone can wave.  There’s no excellent defensive plays that will remedy our bad tackling, poor position, poor corners and bad play-calling. And while acceptance is one of the first steps to recovery, I certainly don’t feel any better.

It would be nice to have a game go by where we don’t have a huge special teams error.  What the hell has happened to Danny Smith?

Losing like we did yesterday only makes sense if you understand that the Redskins were totally over-looking the Rams and frankly from reading comments from the players, it seemed like some of the players were.  This shows that leadership at the top is not doing its job.  When coaches are doing their job at their best, good teams beat bad teams 90% of the time.  Sure the games are close sometimes, but the better team usually wins.  I guess it would be a stretch to say we are a better team than St. Louis, but who other than me and few others had even the slightest fear we would lose?  No one.  So Shanny failed to get us ready for a game we should have had.  Yes the players should not need a coach to motivate them, but at the end of the day isn’t that one of his most important jobs?  He needs to be the general and yesterday the Redskins looked lost – head in hands just like the rest of us.  Shaking their heads just like all of us are doing today.  At a loss for words just like all patriots of D.C. are tonight.

Of course, all we need is to beat Philly and we will be ahead in the NFC East which of course would make everyone feel better.  But I’m not going to think about that because I’ll probably just end up feeling worse next Monday than I do now.

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NFL rewind

Have you ever woken up on a Monday morning, a little groggy, but ok enough and as you prepare to get up and face the work week feeling thankful that you and your family are here and healthy, your mind clicks on even more and you grasp fully that today is Monday and that yesterday in fact happened and that your football team lost a terrible, terrible game to lose the day before.  And then you wish that it wasn’t Monday, but Sunday and you could get just one do-over.  Because now you know that while facing a week of work is not so bad. But facing a week where your team loses like it did and now faces an steep uphill fight to keep our season alive next Sunday seems like too much to bear.

That’s how I feel today.

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Well, it’s almost one year to the date and once again the Redskins’ season feel lost.  I guess I must like writing this blog because I keep on doing it, but man does it suck trying to put into words how despondent I feel after games like this.  At least Zorn beat the Rams last year and when we did lose to them in 2008, it took a last second, miracle field goal to beat us.  Under Shanny, we got our asses kicked today.

Sure we beat Dallas a couple of weeks ago, but what Redskins fan can do anything except hang their head in shame after today’s game?

Our defense is atrocious.  I’m sure we are worst in the NFL.  I know Haslett wants to have a more aggressive kind of defense and getting one turnover a game is not bad, but it does you no good when you can’t stop anybody.  Haslett made no adjustments on the Rams’ seam routes which were the only passes Bradford was able to complete consistently for most of the game.  Nor did he throw out enough looks to make Bradford confused.

Individually, Hall blew an assignment on the Rams second TD, while Kareem Moore took a terrible angle on Stephen Jackson on the Rams 1st TD.  The Redskins were caught off guard on the Rams 3rd TD and for most of the 2nd half, we could not stop them AT ALL!!!!

Carter continues to have trouble tackling in space while our defensive line is getting blown off the line time and time again.

I miss the days when the Redskins were not as aggressive on defense, but at least did not give up 30 points a game in consecutive games.

Let’s face it, for any good Shanny has done so far, switching to the 3-4 under Haslett to this point in the season has been an total disaster.

And why was Haynsie not in on 3rd and 4th and short?  Comon’ Shanny, you gotta put Fat Al in on those plays.  That’s what he’s good at.

On offense, Santana Moss had a huge day and our running game finally started clicking, but we could not get any TDs in the redzone – NONE!  Each time we sputtered inside the 10 yard line.

Ryan Torain looks a lot more explosive than Portis and even though we got the running game going in the 1st half, it was totally non-existent in the 2nd half.  Stephon Heyer was a shell of Trent Williams and McNabb came back to earth a little today.

And why in the hell is Devin Thomas not on the field?  NO one can tell me Roydell Williams is better than Thomas?  If nothing else, give him a shot and see if he can make a play.  Shanny is beginning to make it seem like he’s only using his guys no matter what.

The truth is though is that the game was lost in the redzone today and that’s its.  Imagine what the game would be like if Daniels did not block that field goal?  Speaking of special teams, while the Daniels play was an isolated moment of brilliance in what was otherwise an awful afternoon, our blocking once again let us down.  This time Keiland Williams whiffed on a block.  Fortunately Kareem Moore’s interception saved us.

Throughout the whole game, I kept on waiting for the Redskins to switch the momentum in our favor and after we blocked the field goal and then came out in the 2nd half with a huge bomb to Moss, honestly I thought we were going to roll.  But we could not score a TD.  Even with only a two-point lead though, things looked good, but the defense could not get one more stop so that we could capitalize on our momentum.  No TD after the Moss catch and no defensive stop and it was a brand new ball game with the Rams believing again they could win.

Honestly though, after falling behind 14-0 and then coming back to take the lead, the Redskins played like they just assumed the Rams would wrinkle up and die.  We did it against the Rams in 2008.  We did the same thing against the Bengals in 2008 and we did the same thing against the Lions in 2009.  We fell behind only to re-take the lead and then we quit because our players thought the other team would quit.  Time and time again, the Redskins lose to terrible teams thus making us nothing more than a terrible team.

What is it with our players, our organization?  No matter who is the coach and who are our leaders, we lose these unbelievably stupid games to unbelievably bad teams?  Gibbs Part II did it.  Zorn did it and now Shanny did it.  The common denominators on these teams are Clinton Portis, Santana Moss and Chris Cooley.  That’s it.  Is it the fault of those three? Are they arrogant and that arrogance rubs on other people?

The reviled Eagles beat a bad Jacksonville team easily. EASILY.  And we got blown out by the Rams.

Shame on me for thinking yesterday that we had a chance to have a successful season.  Shame on me for thinking Shanny would get things straightened out.  The Rams have only won four games since 2008 and two of them have been against us.

Last week was a much worse omen than people were admitting.  It seems like only I and a handful of others were totally distraught.

Now everyone will be distraught.

How can the ‘Skins let themselves fall victim to a trap game when we lost last week?

Now if we don’t beat the Eagles next week, we will fall to 1-3, two games behind Philly with Green Bay, Indianapolis and Chicago looming, three teams who to date have a  6-1 record combined.

Yes folks, it’s sad to say, but the season feels like it’s over already.

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Week 3 preview

John Riggins runs for his first of 3 TDs in a January, 1984 divisional playoff game as the Redskins roll to victory 51-7 over the Rams.

Everyone is expecting the Redskins to win this Sunday.  Why is everyone so sure we will win?  Because Kareem Moore is returning to free safety?  Doubtful.  How many people really know about Kareem Moore and think that some dude who has started two NFL games is going to turn around a pass defense that has been atrocious to this point in the season?

BBR folks like me and Walton are looking forward to his return as are all the die-hards here in D.C., but that’s not what’s making people pick us to win.

It’s because the Rams are a bad team with a rookie QB and they have already lost to two other teams, Arizona and Oakland, which most folks, including me, think are worse than Washington.

For people like me though, this game scares the hell out of me.  Why?  Well for too many years around here, the Redskins have been losing games like this.

In 2006, we lost to the winless Titans at home who were led by rookie Vince Young.  In 2007, we lost to a miserable Bills team after the death of Sean Taylor.  In 2008, we lost to a miserable Rams team here in Washington in a game everyone, I mean EVERYONE, was picking us to win.  That loss along with another to Cincinnati later that year, essentially cost us a playoff bid.  And of course last year, we lost to the then 0-2 Lions, in Detroit, led by a promising rookie QB named Matthew Stafford.

Now we face rookie Sam Bradford and his winless Rams in St. Louis.

Scares the hell out of me.

Sure things are different now.  We have Shanalahan running the show and the budding Redskins passing game led by new D.C. hero

Phillip Daniels, Cornelius Griffin and Albert Haynesworth crunch Marc Bulger in the Redskins ugly 9-7 victory over the Rams last year at Fedex field.

Donovan McNabb.  But let’s face it, can he be as good as he was last week again?  Will our running game get going?  Will we be able to rattle the rookie and cause some turnovers which can lead to some easy points?  Maybe, but maybe not.

I’m not even mentioning the fact that I doubt Trent Williams will play this week.  He’s too valuable to our team to risk aggravating his injury.

I honestly don’t know the 1st thing about St. Louis other than they have a great runner in Stephen Jackson, a rookie QB and a coach who knows how to play defense very well against both the Redskins and Donovan McNabb.

It’s impossible for me to read the minds of the ‘Skins players.  They are saying all the right things on T.V.  But they always do that.  I have never heard any member of this team say publicly “We are going to kick that other team’s ass because they suck and we are awesome”.  But in recent years, we have shown up to games like this and appear to have this excessive confidence running through our veins from the 1st kickoff.

The Redskins have proven that we can contain the run, if not stop it all together.  We have shown that we cannot consistently stop the pass, but our secondary has been up to the task in making some big plays and causing turnovers.  We have had good pressure on both Dallas and Houston and I bet that St. Louis’ o-line is not as good as those previous two teams, even though Dallas’ seems pretty bad.  Kareem Moore should help us disguise some defensive looks a bit more since he is faster than Doughty and should be able to cover ground better.  His presence should limit Horton’s play who to this point has sadly not looked that good.

On offense, the Rams will be looking to double cover Moss underneath and take their chances with our other wideouts.  I think McNabb will be able to spread the ball around, but with the o-line shuffling around a bit this week, I’m not expecting any miracles out of the ground game.

To this point in the year, we have not shot ourselves in the foot too much with penalties and you would think that would continue under Shanny’s watch.

If we do not give away any points on special teams like we have the last two weeks, one almost costing us the game against Dallas and the other one leading most directly to our loss last week vs. Houston, I think we will win this game, but I have no reason to believe it’s going to be easy.  It’s hardly ever easy for the Redskins.  Aside from the Oakland and Denver games last year, when was the last time we beat anyone by more than 7 points?  You wanna know when?  When we beat Dallas in December, 2007 27-6 to clinch a playoff berth.

So it’s going to be tight.  I think we will win only because I cannot deal emotionally with the prospect of a loss because that will mean that this year will be lost.

Redskins will win 26-20.

Double vision: I am happy that the Wizards will be going back to red, white and blue, but I fear that I will not get as many compliments on my awesome, kick-ass Bullets jacket.

Triple Vision: The Nats have now won three in a row with last night’s victory, so you can bet that they will lose tonight.  If I had more nerve, I actually would bet on it.  I don’t know what to think about Kasten resigning.  He has received high praise, but for what exactly?  We are in last place again, which makes three years in a row and four out of the last five years.

Is it his fault we are still so bad or is it the Lerners?  Someone tell me.

Quadruple vision: I don’t have HBO so I’m not sure I will  be able to watch the Caps HBO special in December.  But on principle, I don’t like the idea of it although I have to admit that I will be curious to check it out.  Just ’cause.

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So I guess Lil’ Sigmund and his boy read this blog.

The 1st complaint I made yesterday way about Larry Johnson and what do we hear by day’s end?-  Larry Johnson is cut.

Something needed to be done.  Reports are that he was a numbers casualty, that the ‘Skins couldn’t afford to keep two backs who don’t play special teams.  But let’s face it, we haven’t had any special teams injuries as of yet and our coverage has been very good.

They cut Johnson because his head wasn’t in the game.  During the 2nd half of the game against Houston, Johnson was on the field for quite a while and from the stands we thought it was because Portis was hurt.  (He took a couple of huge shots on his TD scoring runs.)  But it turns out Portis was fine and Lil’ Sigmund was just resting him.  Smart move considering Portis has gotten rather worn down as the season progressed the last two years.  But Johnson did nothing.  I bet the ‘Skins end up activating Torain and cutting this kid they signed yesterday from Morgan State if he was the best thing they could find out there.

The fact of the matter is that Shanalahan couldn’t fix all the roster spots that needed fixing in one off-season.

This move shows why team Shanalahan knows what the hell they’re doing.  Sure the ‘Skins are probably paying some of Johnson’s contract for the remainder of the year, but we won’t be paying him next year.  In fact, it’s probably safe to say that unless Keiland Williams has a good year, which we certainly hope he does, that all of the Redskins starting backfield will be different next year.

So the ‘Skins have no running game at all, at all, at all.  This is a problem.  Fortunately for us though, the rest of the NFC East is a mess too.  Dallas can’t win a game and could be 0-3 if Houston plays 75% as well as they did against us this week.  And the game’s in Houston. The Giants have an o-line that can’t protect, a secondary that can’t cover and Brandon Jacobs, one the biggest malcontents in the league, causing a serious headache.  Andy Reid is screwing with the head of the franchise quarterback that he felt so good about that he traded the actual franchise quarterback to us.   I don’t think Michael Vick is a winning player and once good teams can scheme for him, he’s going to hit a wall. He’s the best choice for QB in Philly now because their o-line is in tatters and their defense is not really able to stop anyone either.

So the Redskins have problems with our running game and our secondary.  But everyone in our backyard is struggling too.  That’s why losing to Houston sucks, but that’s why there’s still hope, just as long as we beat St. Louis this weekend.

Double vision: I watched the Nats game last night.  If what the paper says is true and there is a chance Dunn re-signs here, how is this for a batting order?

Espinoza (2B)

Desmond (ss)

Zimmerman (3B)

Dunn (1B)

Willingham (LF)

Bernadina (CF)

Morse (RF)

Rodriguez/Ramos (C)


Not too bad if you ask me.

Triple vision: I’m happy the Caps re-signed Poti.  Needed some experience on the blue-line with the ascension of Alzner and Carlson this year.  And frankly, we didn’t spend too much.

Even though the Caps are trying to put on a positive spin about it, I think the departure of Belanger really hurts us.  I don’t know what the delay in getting the deal done was.  If reports are true, we were trying to trade Flesichmann to get a good d-man and probably end up sticking Belanger as a fixture at 3rd line center.  Now aside from Backstrom, all the other center positions are in flux although I’m not worried about either Gordon or Steckel as 4th line center.  The question is what happens on the 2nd or 3rd line.  Flash showed signs that he could play 2nd line center, but is he tough enough to do it all year and in the playoffs?  Johannson seems to be the 2nd line center of the future, but is it too much to ask of him this year when we are all getting ready for a Stanley Cup run?  I love Perreault’s game, but is he too small to play 3rd line center?  Probably.

Lots of strands running through the old duder’s head.  Hopefully Boudreau and GMGM can straighten them out soon.

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tidbits from section 449

Many, many things to talk about on a Monday where I really haven’t gotten over a really terrible loss.

Let’s start with Larry Johnson.  I don’t want to hear about not having a rhythm sitting on the bench.  Last week, he made the dumb, dumb mistake of running out of bounds against Dallas, costing us the opportunity to milk another 30 seconds at least of the clock which, as we all know, almost cost us the game.

This week, he spins around as if he’s the next coming of Barry Sanders, on our own 20 yard-line mind you, and totally destroys a key drive that if we had been able to move the ball, may have allowed us to seal the game.   Larry, you’re a lifelong Redskins fan and I respect that, but you’re a pro.  You got to take your lumps, dive forward for a yard and live for another play.

Next, Andre Carter was invisible out there.  He is not playing fast or with instincts.  Sure he made a couple of good tackles, but he is not very effective as a pass rusher.  What is it going to take for Chris Wilson to get some snaps?  Anthony Armstrong was rewarded for his great preseason.  Why not Wilson?

Rob Jackson is getting a lot of playing time.  Jeremy Jarmon was inactive this week and hardly played against Dallas, but Jackson, an almost forgotten man, has gotten some real good playing time especially in nickel situations where the Redskins have only one or two down lineman.

Staying on defense, I thought Anthony Bryant got some real good push at the NT position.  I don’t know if Kemoeatu is hurt or what, but he’s got nothing going on.  Adam Carriker is getting better as well too.  I guess I was wrong about Daniels taking over for him any time soon.

Switching to the atmosphere at Fedex.  With two weeks under my belt, there is no doubt that improvements have been made.  I have mentioned the scoreboard, but just the atmosphere is better.  The Redskins have a corny thing at the beginning of each game where the show a team of jet-fighters with the Redskins emblem on their wings approaching a flying saucer type thing with the helmet of the opposing team hovering above it.  The Redskins jets destroy the space ship and fly away in victory.  When I saw it against Dallas, I thought it was a one time thing, but I guess it’s here to sty since they did it again with Houston.

The Redskins have also made a point to highlight lifelong fans of the team including an usher who hasn’t missed a game since 1940 and a woman who has been a season-ticket holder since 1937 and according to what we heard, has not missed a game in all that time.  (Maybe one day me and my old man will be highlighted in section 449.  Wouldn’t that be something?)

The parking lot was packed and fans were showing their Redskins pride.  There’s such a change from last year where everyone was holding up signs in protest against Danny and Cerrato from the very first game and cursing everyone from the parking attendants to the nice ladies who take our tickets as we enter.  None of that is here this year.  Of course beating Dallas helps, but I bet things will stay like that at least for the foreseeable future.

One odd thing happened.  I met a group of four very nice ‘Skins fans and as we struck up a conversation about our favorite team, it turned out that they were new to section 449.  They got tickets last year and had seats in the very top row.  This year, they were moved down to row 11- six rows in front of us!  Now they are great fans and seem to be very nice people, but come on.

We have had tickets since 2002 and let’s face it, this blog has put section 449 on the map. To have been passed up by some newbies like that is just unacceptable.

Lots of folks today on sports radio are painting this positive picture of how the Redskins are more exciting, more competitive and have a brighter future than we did at this same time last year.  While there is o doubt this is true, it is also true that bright futures and exciting football comes in the form of winning, not losing excruciatingly painful losses and choking a 17 point 3rd quarter lead.  That was not fun for me yesterday, nor was it fun for my old man, my sister, my buddy Manuel, those ladies in row 11 or anyone else in section 449.

For all of us who braved an absolutely horrible season last year and did not miss a game, winning yesterday would have been  the healing ointment our psyches needed.  Now as I lick my wounds, I can only pray that the Redskins do not collapse against another 0-2 team like we did last year against Detroit.  After having 2-0 so close in our grasps, anything less than 2-1 would be utterly unacceptable.

One final note:  even vandals know that we are dedicated fans whose love for our team is unmatched.  Yesterday, my family met at a commuter parking lot in Upper Marlboro, MD where we have been parking for years while attending Redskins games.  The idea is we all meet there, leave our cars and pile into my old man’s car.  Many other Redskins fans do the same thing and we often enjoy a beer with fellow fans in this parking lot in a sort of pre-tailgate ritual while we wait for the other members of section 449 to show up.

Well, some hoodlums, seemingly knowing that no one would be returning to the cars anytime soon, broke into my sister’s car, stole an XM satellite radio and ruined her car’s ignition while attempting to steal the whole damn thing!  It was a tough was for us to end a tough night, especially for my sister.

It’s no always easy being a Redskins fan, but one day, hopefully at a time sooner than we ever could have hoped a year ago today, we will be rewarded for our sacrifice and love with something real to cheer about aside from a bunch of passing yards and optimism.

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