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Week 8 preview

Mike Sellers runs over a Detroit player in the Redskins 34-3 rout of the Lions in October, 2007.

There are a lot of reason for Redskins fans, including me, to be nervous going into this week’s game against the Lions.

Let me name a few:

1. The Lions are coming off a bye and are playing at home.  We are banged up and looking forward to a bye.

2. The Lions beat us last year ending their 19 game losing streak and humiliating us in the process.

3.  Jammal Brown and Stephon Heyer are both banged up, thus leaving the question: “Who the hell is going to play right tackle for us on offense”?

4. Donovan McNabb has played somewhere between good and poorly since game 2 against Houston with last week’s game being a season worst performance to date.

5.  The Redskins post- 1991 have traditionally not been able to follow up a good win with another win.

Are these enough reason to be worried if you are a ‘Skins fan?

Let’s look at the reason for confidence aside from the fact that the Redskins defense is causing a lot of turnovers, has a lot of sacks and suddenly we have the semblance of a strong rushing attack.

1.  We lost to the Lions last year in most humiliating fashion.  (“Wait”, you may be saying to yourself, “that’s a reason you told us to be scared”.  Right you are, but this may be the single biggest reason I would think our team, which at times lacks focus and does not play with a single-minded purpose, may in fact be totally zoned in this week).

2.  Donovan McNabb is our quarterback.  (Just like with the previous reason, you may be confused.  I actually think McNabb is going to have a good game.  Sure he is banged up, but he probably can’t play any worse than he did last week and Detroit’ defense is not nearly as good as Chicago’s.

3.  Lil’ Sigmund is 9-5 in the game before bye weeks.  That’s pretty good and must mean he is able to keep his team’s focused on the task at hand and not on the vacation near on the horizon.

4.  Dallas is 6.5 favorites at home this week.  “What” you may be saying.  “What the hell does that have to do with us?”  The Redskins are 2.5 point underdogs this week at Detroit.  If you figure in that 3 points goes for home field advantage, that means that Dallas would be 3.5 favorites on a neutral field and that the game would be a pick’ em game if played in Jacksonville.  Although no one goes to Jaguars games so that may not factor into it.  The fact of the matter is that Dallas is 1-5 while the Jags are 3-4.  The ‘Skins are 4-3 and are playing against a 1-5 team and on a neutral field, it would be a pick ’em game and in D.C., we would only be favored by 2.5

I’m sure players look at inconsequential stuff like the this just like we all do and they feel the same disrespect all Redskins fans feel.  And the fact of the matter is this team plays better when everyone puts them down as opposed to when we taste success.


So there you have it folks.  5 reason we should win and 5 we could possibly lose.

Matthew Stafford should provide a boost to a Detroit team that has had many close losses.  At the same time, he will be rusty after having only played parts of the 1st game of the season.  Jim Haslett will not make the same mistake that he made with Sam Bradford.  He will throw a lot of exotic blitz schemes at Stafford and double cover Calvin Johnson, the other receiver aside from Andre Johnson that is truly worth fearing in the NFL, all day.

The Lions have a young back that apparently can take it to the house at any time so he will be worth keeping an eye on.

Haynsie is now a happy camper so I would imagine that we will get another good game out of him.

On offense, we will continue to run the ball and I bet we will have some success even though Detroit’s Suh us apparently a beast.  The Lions will try to blitz Donovan as much as the Bears did and our success will be based on him being able to create a little time for himself and hit his hot reads.  Hopefully a good day by Torain will allow for some down-field opportunities.  Santana Moss has always had huge games against the Lions and maybe Sunday will be no different.

The Redskins are banged up going into this game.  Surprisingly, while lil’ Sigmund seems to have his pulse on every aspect of this team, he seems to be a bit in the dark about injuries.  1st he says that Kareem Moore came back a little too soon and probably played a little too much on his bad knee which apparently has never stopped hurting him.  Now Shanny says that he thought Jammal Brown would have been healed by now when in fact he is not.   A couple of weeks ago, there was some question from the coaching staff about DeAngelo Hall’s back?

What’s going on Shanny?  You know if one of your players said something he shouldn’t have on the radio, but you don’t know if they are nursing an injury?

For the amount of time I spend writing, reading, listening, talking and thinking about the Redskins, I am incredibly bad at picking their games this year.  My predictions to date are 2-5.  Let’s hope I’m right this week because I’m picking the Redskins to win 27-21.

Double vision: The Caps looked disinterested last night and they paid for it losing 2-1 to a really mediocre looking Minnesota team.  Not much more to say there except…yuk!  The Caps pissed away an opportunity to get at least a point in a winnable game.  Now let’s hope for at least that tomorrow night in Calgary which will be a test of our new found defensive focus.

Triple vision: I did not expect the Wizards to beat the Magic last night, nor did I expect John Wall to wow the world.  But I did not expect us to play like a bunch of scared, little kids against a team we play all the time every year.  I am not getting ready to panic because I’m not expecting a ton this year, but as a Washington fan, all you want out of this team is improvement and effort and last night we saw none of either.  I mean none at all.

Tomorrow’s another opportunity for us to prove ourselves and I expect a better overall effort.   But if McGee and Blatche are not ready to play like they care even a little, it’s going to be another long night.


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Neuvy in the butterfly getting ready to make one of his 30 saves against the 'Canes in the Caps 3-0 shutout win.

The Caps received a defensively dominating performance last night from their blue line and from Neuvirth in shutting out the Hurricanes 3-0 to get the road trip started off on the right foot.  In addition, our top line looked very ready to go from their 1st shift to the end of the game.  Knuble had two great chances (one hit the post), while Ovie was robbed twice by Cam Ward in the 1st and 2nd periods respectively.  Backstrom’s 1st of two 3rd period goals came because of excellent play from all three of the top line’s mmebers.

Brook Laich was also all over the place last night, hustling for pucks, finishing his fore-checks and clogging up the neutral zone.

David Steckel had an excellent night hustling for the 4th line and winning a ton of face-offs.  The 4th line set the tone well at the beginning of each period and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Boudreau do the same thing tonight and on Saturday.

Neuvirth ranged from good to spectacular and he deserved the shut out last night.

The Caps are now 5-0 when allowing 2 goals or less and are beginning to look like somewhat of a defensive oriented hockey town.  It’s weird to say, but true.  I know it’s still early, but only one team that has played 8 games or more has allowed fewer goals than the Caps at 21 and our PK is 5th in the league.  It’s too early for this to be a trend, but it’s worth keeping an eye on.

Double vision: The fact that Arenas is out for at least the 1st two games of the season is disturbing.   It’s bound to be more, it’s bound to be more……

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When I was in high school, every year around this time, me and Walton would start talking about the Bullets.  We would start talking about our team, the Eastern Conference and how, aside from the Knicks and the Bulls, there were no real power-house teams.

Our conversations would go a little something like this:

Walton:  “I mean if you check out our starting 5, they’re really not that bad.  We got Ledell Eackles, Pervis Ellison, LeBradford Smith, Rex Chapman and Michael Adams.”

Bowles:  “Right and then off the bench, we got defensive specialist Charles Jones and our beloved Hoya David Wingate.  And the of course, you throw Harvey Grant in there, whose brother is Horace Grant, and we got a team that is a lock to make the playoffs.”

Walton: “Right, I mean remember that game where LeBraford dropped 30 on Jordan.  I mean all he has to do is average like 20 a game and we’re in good shape.”

Bowles:  “Yeah and if Chapman can average about 80% from 3-point range and Ellison can start becoming just a little more intimidating in the paint, maybe averaging 6-10 blocks a game, we should be good on defense.”

Walton:   “So what do you think, 44- 38 for the year?”

Bowles:  “No let’s not get carried away.  Let’s say 42-40.”

Walton: “How ’bout the Redskins having outscored our opponents  144-17 at home.”

Bowles: “Yeah, 7-0 is not bad at all”…….”Not bad at all”……”not bad at all”…….”Not bad at all”…..

Ah yes,  those were the days.  When 7-0 was not bad at all.  If the Redskins were 7-0, most people in this town would have to be committed we’d be going so crazy.

But anyway, back to the Bullets.  Those kind of prognostications used to always leave us disappointed as the Bullets seemingly didn’t win more than 35 games for over 10 years.  But for some reason, every year we would convince ourselves that this was the year that we would finally turn it around.

The excitement building around John Wall tempts me again to say that this year’s Wizards are good enough to make the playoffs.  Aside from Orlando, Boston, Miami and Chicago, what other Eastern Conference team is really good?  None.  Atlanta will probably make the playoffs, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they take another step backwards since nothing new is happening there and things may begin to get a little stale. Everyone seems to think the Bucks are going to be really good, but I don’t understand why yet.  But they will also probably make the playoffs.

That leaves New York, New Jersey, Toronto, Philly, Charlotte, Detroit, Cleveland, Indiana and Washington to fight for two spots.  Are any of these teams definitely better than us and are lock to have a better record?  It’s hard to say.

But at the same time we do have a young team that is not used to playing with each other.  And unfamiliarity in the NBA negates talent to a certain degree.  The Wizards will begin to become more cohesive as the season progresses, but I would think that our overall youth and lack of playing time together would make it very difficult this year to win more than 38 games.

Wall clearly seems to possess everything one would think a great NBA player needs, but let’s see how he adapts the nightly grind of the NBA.

I am an Arenas fan, so I always have high hopes for him.  I think he will be able to play shooting guard since he is getting older and being a spot-up shooter who occasionally creates off the dribble may better suit his game as moves closer to 30.  Of course with Arenas, it’s impossible to predict anything and of course he is starting the season injured again.  Say what you will, but any hope the Wizards have off pulling a successful season out of the hat depends on Arenas averaging the points he did last year.

Andray Blatche and JaVale McGee have the potential to be a potent front and I expect them to have some dominating games.  It will be interesting if Blatche emerges as a guy who can average 18 pts. and 10 rebounds this year or whether he is closer to the 14 pts. and 6 rebounds level.  If McGee can rebound better, play at home a little more on defense and never shoot aside from running the floor and catching ‘alley-oops’ from Wall, he will have a great season.

Kirk Hinrich will most likely be a solid contributor on our team.  The x-factors will be Yi, Al Thornton and Josh Howard. Can one of these guys be a consistent double-digit scorer at the 3 position who plays consistent defense against the slew of good small forward there are in the league?  They all have the potential, but all have their issues.  Howard is coming off a huge injury, Yi is slightly too big to be a 3 and I’m not sure he’s physical enough from having seen him play against the Wizards for quite a few years and Thornton has not shown that he is a consistent player at this level yet.

Then of course we have our young guys.  What kind of players will Hamady Ndiaye and Trevor Booker be?  Can Lester Hudson continue his surprising play?  Can Cartier Martin be a consistent shooter?

I can’t say yes to all of these questions like I would have in high school and say that Washington will make the playoffs.  I’m far too mature to do that.

But what is clear is that this is a new look for the team that has a lot of folks excited and while I don’t think we are going to beat Orlando tomorrow night, I do know I will be watching.

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A numbers game

I have to admit that Donovan McNabb’s words that the Redskins offense is going to “explode” ring a little hollow.

Similarly, the idea that the Redskins defense is 31st in the league also means nothing to me.

The Redskins offense has played well twice this year:  against the Colts and against the Texans,  both of whom have god awful defenses who can’t really cover and can’t really tackle.

The Redskins defense has looked bad at times this year against the Colts, Texans, Rams and Packers, but all those teams, aside from St. Louis, have good offenses.

But if you look closer at the Redskins defense, you see that we are 9th in points given up, have the NFl’s leader in interceptions in DeAngelo Hall, have a pass rusher in Orakpo who is tied for 2nd in the entire NFL for sacks and we rank second in the NFL in number of takeaways and in turnover differential. We also have the 3rd and 4th ranked players in terms of number of tackles in London Fletcher and Laron Landry.  Hell, even DeAngelo Hall is tackling better.

Those are all signs of a good defense, one that wreaks havoc, causes turnovers and doesn’t give up that many points.

We haven’t had a defense like this since the heyday of Sean Taylor and Greg Williams in 2005 and even then, I don’t know if we were causing this many turnovers.

The point is that until proven otherwise, even with McNabb and the Shanny men running our offense, this is still a team with much more defensive than offensive talent and until we see something drastically different happen, the defense is the strength of our team.

As we prepare for our revenge, grudge match against the Lions, I don’t know which side of the ball will have the bigger game, but for now, we can be thankful that we have a QB in McNabb that has made huge plays when we needed it and always gives us the sense that we are in a game, but we should be most thankful for a defense that ranks 31st in the league.

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Hall returns game winning 92 yard interception for a TD in Redskins 17-14 win over Chicago on October 25, 2010

Games like this really make you understand how winning is really the only thing that matters in all sports, but especially the NFL.  The fact that Redskins fans feel great right now and Bears fans feel like crap results from the slightest of margins.  For the better part of the day, both offenses looked totally incompetent with both making just barely enough plays to support their respective defenses.  At the end of the day, Jay Cutler showed why the Redskins were lucky to have not traded for him even though McNabb was really not that much better.

The game also came down in part to some very good fortune for the Redskins when McNabb threw an interception that was returned for a TD that would have given the Bears an 11 point lead.  Instead, we had a delay of game call go against us, the play didn’t count and the Bears did not score again.

Previous to that, the Redskins benefited from one of the worst coaching decisions made in a long time.  With the Bears having just completed a long pass to get down to the Redskins’ 1 – yard line, Lovie Smith or some member of the Bears coaching staff decided to challenge the spot.  At the time, I said out loud to my friend Peter, “That’s an idiotic challenge because it’s not worth losing a timeout over a play when you’re going to score anyway.”  Of course, ironically enough, the reason the Bears decided to challenge the play was exactly to avoid what happened next when  Haynsie caused Cutler to fumble on a QB sneak which the Redskins recovered.  At that point however, having already burned a timeout, the Bears were not going to challenge another close call.

Many people have said that Cutler was clearly over the plain, but I’m not positive.  Some of you may remember Mike Sellers attempt to peek the ball over the goal line which resulted in a fumble during a Redskins loss to the Bengals in 2008 which punctuated the unraveling of a once promising season.  This was eerily similar.  That one in 2008 was close and went against us.  This one could have gone for the Bears or not, but I am positive that the Bears would have challenged it if they had not challenged the previous play.

DeAngelo Hall is obviously the player of the game and his interception return for a TD is going to be one of the plays of the year.  He had better hands than any of our receivers today who dropped 3 very catchable balls.  (Cooley, Armstrong and Davis – I’m talking about you.)

Haynsie was also a force as was Orakpo who now has 7 sacks in 7 games.  Not bad.

The Redskins stuck to the run and wore the Bears out as the game went on.  The Bears defense is good, but just like all defenses, they get tired and Torain is proving himself to be a load.  He did it last week against a bad tackling team like the Colts and he did it this week against a Bears team that was not letting anyone rush on us.

(By the way, right before his last run to seal the game, I kept repeating out loud, “One first down for glory, one first down for glory”.  Then I started saying it louder and louder as he tore threw the Bears defense the result of which  allowed the Redskins, for the 1st time this year, to win a game by kneeling, the greatest play in football).

McNabb looked shaky today and made three bad decision all of which resulted in interceptions.  He was forcing the ball.  It is obvious that McNabb cannot carry this team alone.  His is only effective as our running game and today it is no coincidence that McNabb hit passes in the 1st and 4th quarters when Torrain was picking up chunks of yardage.  The 2nd and 3rd quarters, when the Redskins got away from the run, not so much.

Armstrong is going to be a good player and he is becoming a nice compliment to Moss.  While the offensive line was not great today, it seemed like our auxiliary blockers did a very poor job.  On the interception that got returned in the 1st quarter, Cooley failed to chip the Bears blitzer as ran out into the flat to set up a screen.  On a sack that McNabb fumbled, but recovered in the 3rd quarter, Keiland Williams failed to pick up a blitzer that was coming right at him.  Same goes for Mike Sellers in the 2nd quarter.  Williams was beat once or twice by Peppers, but nothing egregious.

Jammal Brown had a hard time against #90 of the Bears as many thought he would and we have to begin questioning whether he is a long-term solution at right tackle.

Our secondary, aside from Hall who was unbelievably great, was good, but Buchanan went back to his bad ways.  Cutler’s TD pass was an extremely risky pass that Laron Landry seemed to have at least a chance to make a play on and on which Buchanan could have had a pick if he turned around and looked at the ball.

In a season where Landry has proven he can be a great strong safety and Orakpo is emerging as one of the best pass rushers in the league, DeAngelo Hall has 5 interceptions and has scored 2 TDs.  The fact that he is tied for 2nd place on our team with 2 TDs scored only behind Torain who has 3 TDs is more a testament to the sad state of our offense.

But still, he is  having an excellent season.  If you have read this blog, I have been on Hall’s side for the most part and never really questioned his being a starter on this team.  His biggest problem has been his tackling and he was stout today picking up a team high 7 tackles.  Obviously it is a coincidence that he had such a big day after all the chatter about his disagreement with Haslett earlier this week, but still it’s nice that there is not that much controversy going on for a bit with both Haynsie and Pretty Boy Hall having such big games.

Our defense is still not great, but as a team we are +8 which puts us 2nd only to the Jets who are a +10 and when was the last time any of us could say that about our Redskins team?

This was as ugly a win as you could get, but at 4-3, the Redskins are 4-1 in the NFC with victories over Green Bay, Dallas, Philly and now Chicago.  Not bad.  Next week in Detroit is a huge game for us.  Hopefully we have revenge on our minds after last year’s humiliating loss there.

But for a day at least, victory is sweet even though it came in most improbable fashion.

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Fleischmann celebrates his OT game winner as Caps beat Thrashers 4-3 in OT in what ridiculously enough seemed to be a must-win game for our hometown heros.

If Washington had lost their game tonight against Atlanta, a team playing a back-to-back and a team that was playing its 3rd game in 4th nights, after we had our asses handed to us by Boston two games in a row, there would have been a strong swell to fire Bruce Boudreau.  Whatever the reason, injuries, hot opposing goalies, bad luck, etc., the Caps looked like shit against Boston this week and if we had lost tonight, panic would have set in.  After all, Pittsburgh and Philly fired their coaches on their way to winning the Stanley Cup and reaching the finals respectively.  Why can’t we some would say?

But we won so all that talk will have to wait, perhaps.  The Caps played a good game tonight, capitalized on three huge errors by Atlanta which resulted in a Semin hat trick and won a game we needed to have.  The luck evened out in the end with the Caps missing the empty net on a 3 on 2 with less than a minute left in the game and the Thrashers scoring on their next shift.

Some highlights of the game included Perreault’s fantastic season debut.  Let’s see if he can be consistent, but if Fleischmann was ever to be shipped out of here, at least for one night, Perreault looked really good on the 2nd line.  He has done this before so hopefully this year is different and he will make sending him back down to Hershey much harder on Boudreau and GMGM once Johannson is all healed up.

Obviously Erskine played a good game and our 1st line was very solid as well.  We won the face off battle thanks to Steckel, but we were getting killed in that category early on.

Neuvirth looked a little shaky tonight especially after he got his bell rung on the play which resulted in a game misconduct on the Thrashers player whose last name I can’t spell and don’t feel like looking up so late at night.  It was ‘B’ something, the dude that was great for Chicago last year.  But Neuvy may have saved the game after he stonewalled an Atlanta breakaway after the referees have disallowed a Mike Green goal which I thought would not go our way, but was questionable at best. But if Neuvy lets that breakaway get by him and we are down 2 when we could have had the game tied up, there would have been a lot of head-shaking on our bench and we could have been looking at a 3 game losing streak and alarm bells ringing all over the place.

I have to admit that I thought it a little arrogant that the Caps would dress Mike Green and only dress him for the PP.  I mean the rest of our defense-men got worn down as the game went on and you could see them dragging in the 3rd period.

At this point in the season, the Caps are a work in progress.  It sound crazy to say, but with the rash of injuries that has devastated our blue line, 4th line goalie rotation along with the two rookies on the blue line, a rookie at 2nd line center, Varly not really being a factor, there is a lot that is changing on the fly. Give credit to our hometown fans who were really loud all night and at times seemed to will energy into a Caps team that was fighting hard, but couldn’t put things together for long stretches.

Atlanta is no slouch either and obviously Tampa is good.  We now have a tough 3 game road trip ahead of us, but with the games more spaced out than they were last year with the truncated schedule, the Caps have time to regroup, be happy that they won a game that could have gone either way and see whether we can get 4 or 5 points on this three game swing that starts in Carolina and ends in Calgary.


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Week 7 preview

Shawn Springs returns a Bears interception on a frigid night at Fedex Field in December, 2007. The interception set up a TD; the only score for either team in the 1st half. This game was played two days after the funeral of Sean Taylor and the Redskins 24-16 victory was the 1st of 4 which propelled the Redskins to the playoffs with a 9-7 record.

There has been much talk around the country about how the Bears are a 1st place team filled with holes and that their hold atop the NFC North is tenuous at best.  Some Redskins fans I have been speaking to this week have been hanging their hat on this fact when they predict a Redskins’ victory this week.

If we are to assume this to be true about the Bears, the same must also be true of the Redskins who, if things really did not go our way, could be 0-6.  In truth we are better than 0-6 and while the Bears may not be Super Bowl bound, there are definite strengths on the team that could cause us problems this week.

The next thing I want to caution the Redskins fans about and the Redskins themselves is taking some pride or solace in playing well in a loss.  I have heard this kind of thing throughout the week as  I did after we lost to the Texans and you see where that got us the next week.

The one biggest difference between the Bears and Redskins to this point has been strength of schedule based off of this year’s standings.  The Bears have played one more road game than we have so that should count for something, (although for the purposes of this post I’m not sure what), but to this point their opponents have had a combined record of 12-21.  The Redskins opponents have a combined record of  19-17.  You have to also take into account byes and such, but it basically comes down to this.  The Redskins and Bears have both beaten the Cowboys and Packers, have both lost to NFC West teams and the Redskins are 1-2 against the Eagles, Colts and Texans while the Bears are 2-1 against the Lions, Panthers and Giants.

So, who will win this Sunday?  I have no idea.

I do know however that the Bears have a very good defense which is not allowing any yards rushing and that they have a very good defensive end.  I don’t think that highly of their corners.  Their linebackers are fast which should allow them to stay close to Cooley and Davis.   While the Redskins should stick to the run, wearing the Bears defense down will be key and for that we must rely on our defense.

Yes the defense must not allow the Bears to sustain long drives and thus keep their defense on the field which in time should be able to be worn down as all defenses are.  I did not watch the Bears lose to Seattle, but when they lost to the Giants, it’s not like New York scored 40 points on them.  In fact, even though Cutler was sacked 753 times in the 1st half, the game was still 3-0.  The Giants were only able to exert their will in the 2nd half because they had the ball constantly and the Bears defense eventually succumbed.

The Bears have a lousy offensive line and do not have many strong targets at wide-receiver.  Their top receiver is Matt Forte statistically. The Redskins have been able to get consistent pressure this year and have bothered all the quarterbacks they have played aside from Peyton Manning and we were even able to get a sack and strip for a recovery against him.  With Haynesworth probably being matched up against former BBR Edwin Williams, the Redskins should be able to get a strong push up the middle and allow our outside linebackers to hem Cutler in.  We need to be sure in our tackling because I’m sure Cutler will look often for Forte and Olsen on short routes.

Our special teams coverage has been a strength all year and from section 449, you can see that we are trying different things in our punt and kickoff coverage.  Certain players, including Alexander, Sellers and Wilson do different things from kick to kick in order to try to make big tackles that pin our opponents deep in their own territory.  Against Devin Hester, the best returner in the game, we are going to have to take more traditional gap-conscious approaches to covering him because one missed tackle could lead to him scoring a TD.

On our end, Brandon Banks is no Hester, but he is becoming someone people have to start worrying about in both kicks and punts.  This should be very interesting this week because the special teams match-up pairs a traditional powerhouse in the Bears against an up and coming unit in the Redskins.

As the week has gone on, we found out that the Redskins seriously injured Dallas Clark, Joseph Addai and Austin Collier in last week’s game.  Of course, we didn’t win, but I’m sure our players in the locker-room are talking about ways to knock out Hester in Sunday’s game.

The final thing to consider are the intangibles.  I’m not all that big on McNabb’s return to Chicago because he has done it many times already.  The biggest thing going in our favor is that Shanny knows Cutler inside and out and should be able to come up with a defensive scheme that takes advantage of Cutler’s weaknesses.

Last week I predicted a Redskins victory with the caveat that Gano had to hit one long field goal which he did not at the end of the half.  I know that doesn’t change the fact that I am now 2-4 in predicting Redskins games.

This week scares me a lot because I am worried about what is being said amongst the players in our locker room after we almost beat the Colts.  Conversely, the Bears are pissed because they lost a game to a team they clearly overlooked.  That balances out the intangibles for me.

So sadly, I predict that the Bears will win 23-21.

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