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Yesterday, I think everyone got very excited about the owners saying yes to the proposed CBA.  Everyone got very excited.  But at the end of the day, the players are not in a rush to sign squat.  “Why?” you may ask.  Well because, they get paid only for game checks, (17 times per year), not pres-season tickets.  So, while the owners are in a rush to get the pre-season games in, and they already cancelled one, the players can play it cool.  It’s almost like the owners are like your puppy you had when you were in 6th grade, who had that Scooby Doo look of excitement on his face when you came in, his leash in his mouth, all ready to go out and play.  I can almost here Roger Goodell handing the signed agreement over to DeMaurice Smith saying “You ready to play?  you ready?  Com’on, com’on com’on.”  Then DeMaurice and the rest of the players reps taking the contract, leaning forward on the table, giving all the papers a little tap on the table to get them all even, then leaning back with one hand behind their head, bending their fingernails down over their hands and saying “Check it out, Rog, Jer, Danny, Art, Johnny, Allie, Bobby, we’ll get back to you, alright?”  Then the owners, crushed that they can’t go out and play, drop their mouths open, the leash falls helplessly to the ground and they say, almost in a whimper, “When?”  Then the players lean a little further back in their nice leather chair and say, “I don’t know, Monday, Tuesday, something like that.” Then DeMaurice leans forward towards Rog and pats him on the head and says, “Don’t worry, we’ll call you.”

It probably all went down something like that.

Now in the meantime, everyone in town is going crazy that Shanny said lats week that he “love[s] Donovan McNabb” and in the process lied to a young, innocent Redskins fan, probably much like myself at that age, and still at this age, who just wants the best for his beloved team.  Well I ask everyone who has been calling Shanny a dirtbag, which he probably is of course, “what the hell was he supposed to do?”  Tell the kid something like, “there’s actually no way in hell he will be playing QB for the ‘Skins next year because he’s washed up, somewhat of a cry baby and represents the biggest error in judgement I’ve made in my over 30 years of coaching and I would be happy if I could get a conditional 6th round pick 5 years from for him”.

Uh, no.  That would not be exactly playing your hand well.  Similarly, he’s not going to tell the media that Haynsie is whale-size douche who is on a one-way ticket out of here once the Redskins can get anything in trade value for him.  So, while we all know Shanny lacks some grace when it comes to people skills, let’s not bash him for playing things close to the vest.

As for my free-agent wishes for the ‘Skins once this whole thing is over, I don’t want anyone who is less than 300 pounds and does not play on the o-line or d-line.  Forget everyone one else.  No receivers, no running backs, no QBs, nothing.  Maybe a corner, but that’s it in terms of fast guys.

Double vision: While I have been in absentia, I have listened to every Nats game since the all-star break and now don’t think this team has the ability to go on a run like we did earlier, win 10 out of 12 games and move within 4-5 games of the wild card.  On the flip side, now that we just gave up a series at Houston that we should have won, if not for some rare bullpen implosions which happen to everyone from time to time, I do fear that we could fall several games below .500.

Our lineup continues to show that we have the pieces which could fit together really nicely. Next year, it could look something like,

Bernadina (or free-agent lead-off man)



free-agent clean-up or Harper





That’s not too bad and if Morse continues at this rate, he would just the kind of protection Werth could use in the lineup.  Now as for pitchers, only baby Zimm and Lannan are guaranteed to be around next year, but along with Strasburg, maybe Peacock and a free-agent/ re-signing Marquis, the rotation could also be pretty strong.

Triple vision: Sorry to see Fehr go, but we needed someone to leave so that we could keep Alzner around.  But as I’ve said on many occasions, Fehr never became that tough net presence the Caps thought he could be and at the end of the day became just another winger on a team with a bunch of more skilled, a now with our new acquisitions in the off-season, tougher wingers.

Too much vision: After picking up 4 points in two, tough road games, D.C. United played like shit on Wednesday night and gave up a great chance to make a strong push for the #3 spot in the East.  Now it’s uphill again.  This team lacks consistent effort.  Letting a header in on a corner is about desire and effort and at the other end of the field, no one aside from De Rosario seemed all that willing to battle and overcome the heat in hustling to become a major presence in the final third.  Disappointing.


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For those of you are daily readers of the blog, I apologize for not posting since Saturday morning. I

Austin Freeman scores 2 of his 33 points in Georgetown's comeback 72-69 victory over Uconn on Saturday.

was in Philly visiting some old friends this weekend.

While I never wish ill on my friends, witnessing the backlash to the Eagles loss against the Cowboys was quite amusing. It’s interesting that in most NFL cities, people view the Eagles as a team without a QB problem. That is not the case with the Eagles.

Another playoff loss for Philly and people there are getting really sick of McNabb and Reid. I can’t say I’m sad. In fact, I’m happy. The reality is that teams don’t stay good forever and unless you win while you are good, you’re gonna miss your opportunity. Fortunately for all us ‘Skins fans, we were able to close the deal 3 times over the course of 10 years. God knows where we would all be if that had never happened?

Yes, the Eagles have been consistent, but at this point they are the 2000’s version of the ’70’s Vikings and the 90’s Bills except with only one Super Bowl appearance. Now, all that’s left is for Dallas is to lose and I can begin to enjoy football again.

Now, back to D.C.

The Wizards followed their great win on Friday night with a very good effort yesterday against the Hornets and really could have very easily won the game. They did turn the ball over a lot, but last night was another example of poor execution in crunch time. Jamison and Nick Young had the hot hands and I don’t know why Saunders did not run plays for either of those guys every time down the floor during the last 3 mintues of the game was lost.

To be honest, when I saw before the game that Saunders was sitting on 599 wins, I thought to myself that maybe the right thing is for Saunders to get his 600th win against Detroit who we are playing on Tuesday. Other than that, the frustration grows as Miller was re-injured himself and the Wizards wasted excellent performances from Jamison, Young and Haywood. Let’e see what this week brings.

The Caps absolutely destroyed the Thrasers. It was almost embarassing. Everything was clicking. But what stuck out most for me is how well the Caps D played for big chunks of the game, placing themselves in perfect positions to keep sight-lines clear for Neuvirth and clearing out the front of the net. The Caps have the best +/- goal differential in the league aside from the Blackhawks. A few more efforts like last night’s on this road trip and the division may be all, but clinched.

The biggest story for me was Georgetown’s very memorable victory over UConn on Saturday. The Hoyas could have packed it in after playing a miserable first half and having UCOnn stick it to us in almost every way during the 1st 20 minutes of the game. And coming off a tough loss at Marquette where the Hoyas let an opportunity to win that game slip away, I was scared that G’town would not respond in the 2nd half on Saturday.

Obviously Austin Freeman was the story as he scored 33 points. Scoring 33 points in college is tough. And as bad as the Hoyas played in the 1st half, they played even better in the 2nd half. What is popping out to me though is that now with Austin Freeman and Chris Wright, added to Greg Monroe, the Hoyas have three players who each can take over a game. With Jason Clark and Julian Vaughn playing valuable roles both defensively and on the boards, the Hoyas are looking like a potentially very good team.

There is a lot of basketball left, but the ability to have three players on a team who can each take over a game could come up very big in the tournament. Add to that the fact that the Hoyas are playing very good to excellent defense every game, and I am beginning to get some high hopes. If our bench can come on a little more, who knows?

Michal Neuvirth & Jeff Schultz eye a puck in the Caps dominating 8-1 victory over the Thrasers on Saturday night.

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The Fairweather Fanny has returned from an unapproved hiatus to provide you with his final power rankings of the NFL season. It looks like he thinks that either Indy or San Diego will be playing the Eagles in the Superbowl. As my only interest in this playoffs will be that Dallas and Philadelphia do not win the NFL’s ultimate prize, I certainly hope he is wrong about his NFC prediction. With that being said, I look forward to the Redskins being where Indy is next year at this time.

1. Indianapolis Colts (2): Caldwell relieves pressure of maintaining perfect record

2. San Diego Chargers (3): Will December perfection extend into the playoffs?

3. Philadelphia Eagles (5): Critical game against the Cowboys.

4. New Orleans Saints (1): Playing possum???

5. New England Patriots (9): On a roll going into the playoffs

6. Dallas Cowboys ( ): December jinx over. Can they win a playoff game?

7. Minnesota Vikings (4): Favre/Childress conflict could hurt playoff chances.

8. Cincinnati Bengals (6): Decline due to rise of Dallas & New England.  

9. Green Bay Packers (8): Coming on strong at season’s end.

10. Arizona Cardinals (7): Decline due to rise of Dallas & New England.











Honorable Mention: Denver, New York Jets, Pittsburgh, Houston, Carolina & Baltimore.

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NFL power rankings – week 15

Our fairweather fanny returns with his power rankings for week 15 of the NFL season. For those of you concerned by his absence, he unfortunately fell victim to an act of violence perpetrated by a member of his own family (his grandson to be specific) who kneed him where it hurts most. So please stop sending your hate-mail decrying his absence from the blog. Rather, send the fairweather fanny, whose voice has settled in a warm, alto range, your sympathies as you read his much studied power rankings.

1. New Orleans Saints (1): Continuing winning ways, barely. Feeling a little pressure.

2. Indianapolis Colts (2): Continue winning ways.

3. San Diego Chargers (5): Continuing year end rally.

4. Minnesota Vikings (3): Back on track with win over strong Bengals

5. Philadelphia Eagles (9): Unstoppable offense with DeSean Jackson

6. Cincinnati Bengals (6): No shame in losing to the Vikings.

7. Arizona Cardinals (7): Another inexplicable loss

8. Green Bay Packers (HM): Rounding into form at the right time.

9. New England Patriots (4): Is there dissension in the ranks?

10. Tennessee Titans ( ): Trying, unsuccessfully, to dig out of early season hole.

Mention (not really honorable): Denver, Miami & Baltimore.

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NFL Power Rankings – Week #12

Happy Thanksgiving everybody. Our fair-weather fanny has checked in with his holiday power rankings. (To his credit, he got these in to me on Wednesday and I failed to get them up until now. Dallas and the Giants both make the rankings and both performed exactly as one would have thought based on our fair-weather fanny’s week 12 assessment). The only question mark I have about these rankings is how the Eagles are “the class of the NFC East” even though they have a worse record than the Cowboys and were beaten by the Cowboys. Well, the Eagles flirtation with the power rankings will end this week when the ‘Skins upset the Eagles this Sunday.

1. New Orleans Saints (1): Continuing winning ways.

2. Indianapolis Colts (2): Passed Ravens test with help from Flacco.

3. Minnesota Vikings (4): Set to take over top spots if/when Saints/Colts falter.

4. New England Patriots (5): Sweet revenge victory over the Jets.

5. San Diego Chargers (7): On a roll.

6. Cincinnati Bengals (3): Beaten by THE RAIDERS!!!!!?????

7. Arizona Cardinals (8): Will drop quickly if Warner can’t go.

8. Dallas Cowboys (9): Should have lost to the Redskins.

9. Philadelphia Eagles ( ): Still the class of the NFC East

10. Pittsburgh Steelers (6): Beaten by THE CHIEFS!!!!!?????

Mention (not really honorable): Atlanta, NY Giants, Green Bay, Miami & Baltimore.

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Week 11 NFL Power Rankings

Our fairweather fanny checks in with his weekly power rankings.  I have to admit that agree with his assesment that there are just not that many great teams in the NFL this year.  The NFC East, once one of the strongest divisions, is filled with deeply flawed teams.

1. New Orleans Saints (1): Continuing winning ways.

2. Indianapolis Colts (2): Passed Patriots test with help from Belichick.

3. Cincinnati Bengals (4): Break out the Icky shuffle.

4. Minnesota Vikings (5): Creeping back up the top five.

5. New England Patriots (6): Move up to top five despite loss to Colts because they won the first 59+ minutes.

6. Pittsburgh Steelers (3): Beaten by Steeler football.

7. San Diego Chargers (HM): Coming alive in the second half of the season as they normally do.

8. Arizona Cardinals (8): Still the class of the NFC West for whatever that’s worth.

9. Dallas Cowboys (7):

Still the class of the NFC East despite loss to Packers 
Mention (not really honorable and none are good enough to get into the top ten): Philadelphia, Atlanta, NY Giants, Green Bay, Houston & Baltimore.


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Week 11 NFL picks

Gay for Jay checks in with his weekly picks and has an interesting take on the ‘Skins game with Dallas.  Enjoy……..

Quick picks from a resident Hater – time is short, but there are some good plays on the board this week.

Miami +3.5 over CAROLINA.  No Ronnie Brown will hurt, but Miami’s defense should solve the recent success that Delhomme has had.  Like the Fish in a low-scoring affair.

DETROIT -3.5 over Browns.  Oh my god.  This game isn’t actually happening.

GREEN BAY -6.5 over San Francisco.  Who knows which Packer team will show up on Sunday, but whichever team it is, if they can’t beat an Alex Smith-led offense by a touchdown, it’s a big problem.

Pittsburgh -9.5 over KANSAS CITY.  While I like the Steelers big, this is part of the MEGA THREE-TEAM TEASER that is the Gay for Jay Three-Team Teaser of the Year (TM).  Knock the Steelers down to -.5.

Washington +11.5 over DALLAS.  I think the Skins will cover the 11.5, but more importantly, they are Part Two of the Gay for Jay Three-Team Teaser of the Year (TM).  Bump the Skins up to +21.5.

NY GIANTS -6.5 over Falcons.  I have no feel for this game.  For some reason, I keep thinking the Giants are good.

TAMPA BAY +11.5 over New OrleansThe Saints have been playing it too close for comfort the last few weeks and the Bucs are a little frisky.  Like the cover and maybe, just maybe, another big upset.

JACKSONVILLE -8.5 over Buffalo.  New coach, same Bills.  Buffalo keeps it close until the talent divide gives way.

BALTIMORE (PK) over Indianapolis.  Seems like all the experts love the Clots.  Look, they’re undefeated, but they have played some real squeakers recently.  Ravens can play big even if the league seems to have counted them out.

MINNESOTA -11.5 over Seattle.  Maybe Seattle covers…might keep it close for a while, but like a late Vikes TD to push this over the number.

Arizona -8.5 over RAMS.  This almost made it’s way into the Three-Teamer for this week.  You really can’t go wrong throwing this into a two-teamer with the Jags.

San Diego -2.5 over DENVER.  I love being right about the Broncos.  Love it.

Cincinnati -9.5 over OAKLAND.  I never thought I’d live in a world where the Bengals were nine-point road favorites.

NEW ENGLAND -10.5 over NY Jets.  Part Three of the Gay for Jay Three-Team Teaser of the Year (TM).  Pats roll in this game and will at least beat the now-revealed-as-somewhat-terrible Jets.

CHICAGO +3.5 over Philadelphia.  DO NOT…repeat…DO NOT bet the Bears.  I’m only making this pick out of loyalty.  Eagles will have to try to not win this game by 20.  Will Cutler get benched after his third pick of the night?  Yes…yes he will.

HOUSTON -4.5 over Tennessee.  People will sleep on Houston here.  Like them to win fairly handily.

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