No more writer’s block

Leave it to the Eagles to get rid of my writer’s block.  Yes folks, that is the reason why B2BR has not had any new installments for so long.  I was quite comfortable with the Redskins relatively successful start to the season that I couldn’t find much to write about.  Besides, other than complaining about a 3rd & 21 call against the Cowboys, which everyone and their brother knew was a terrible call on Haslett’s part (which was most disturbing mostly because he did the same thing last year against the Texans when we had them in a 4th and forever and he threw a “zero blitz” at them which resulted in Reed Doughty being stuck in one-on-one coverage against Andre Johnson resulting in a Houston TD, thus allowing the Texans back into the game which they ultimately won;  sound familiar?), what else was there to say?  We could be sitting at 4-0 right now.  But we’re not and at the end of the day, your record is what you deserve to be.

Which brings me to the Eagles.  1st of all they are favored by 2 points this week.  2 POINTS!   They are 1-4.  We are 3-1 and playing at home.  Now I have always said that playing at home within the division means nothing, but not to Vegas.  You get 3 points for playing at home.  That means that if this game were in Philly, the Eagles would be an 8 point favorite.  How absurd is that?   Same thing happened last week against Buffalo.  So hopefully, this week yields the same result.

But at the end of the day, the Eagles have no control over Vegas.  What they do have control over is their official website.  Thanks to the Sports Bog, I saw that the Eagles’ website posted a preview of the game where the mocked the Redskins for being in 1st place and basically said that the Eagles had no chance to lose if they played well.  They added that only the Eagles can beat themselves and that if the Redskins win it will have nothing to do with the ‘Skins, but only to do with the Eagles.

The arrogance!

This is why I hate the Eagles more than any other NFC East team.  They have never won squat and they act like it.  They’re like the 7th grade boy in gym class that had his growth spurt really early and for a couple of years is stronger, taller and faster than the rest of the kids.  But deep inside, he knew that when he was in 5th grade, he was slower than everyone else and sucked at sports and that in a couple of years, when everyone else has their growth spurt, he’s gonna go back to sucking again.  So he takes advantage of his temporary superiority to flaunt it in the face of his peers only to ultimately cower in shame when in 9th grade, he goes back to being the slow kid who starts chucking the basketball blindly from the 3 point line whenever he gets the ball.

The worst part of it is the Eagles’ fans have sucked up this arrogance and thrive on it.    Even the ‘Daily News’ in Philly buys into it.  On Monday, the headline of the sports section was “Worst Weekend Ever”.  Now I’m sure that the Phillies losing to the Cards on Friday night was a bitter pill for the Philly pan to swallow – one, incidentally, that I relished in being administered-, but losing a regular season game on the road to a team that was 3-1 and when you were 1-3 hardly qualifies as a major disappointment.   It’s expected.  And that’s where the truth really hurts.  The Eagles fans bought the ‘Dream Team’ idea.  The fell for it completely and just like everyone else ignored the obvious flaws on the team, (which were highlighted incidentally on this blog…..I’ll wait for your applause), and now feel crushed that their supposed Super Bowl team has only one 1 game against the winless Rams.

Now it’s up to the Redskins to step up, like that 9th grader who is finally getting his growth spurt, gather themselves and beat the little bully back into the dark corner from whence he came.


Week 3 preview

The best thing that could happen to the Redskins this week is that Tony Romo will be playing tonight for the Cowboys.  “Boy, that’s stupid”, you may say since you’re probably thinking that Jon Kitna is much less of a player than Romo.  And you’d be right to think that.  But the one advantage of Romo playing is that his “heroic” journey from suffering a broken rib and punctured lung in last week’s come-from-behind victory over the 49ers to tonight has been so well documented that people have seem to forgotten that the Redskins are even playing in this game.  This often happens when the Redskins play the Cowboys since most TV execs seem to think that the Cowboys will draw huge ratings even if they are having an intra-squad scrimmage.

Nothing has been expected this year of the Redskins tonight aside from abject failure and nothing different is expected tonight from us.  No stars, no attitudes, nothing to look at.

The other advantage that Romo’s presence brings is that the Redskins will be prepared for the best Dallas has to throw at them and thus when Romo plays slightly less well as he is bound to do due to the serious nature of his injuries, we will be ready to pounce.   I don’t know whether Dallas will have Austin, Bryant and Jones although my hunch is that the latter two will play.  Regardless, we must stop the run and make the Cowboys one-dimensional and take away their play-action, big-play potential.  As we have seen this year to this point with the Redskins, it doesn’t matter if you have “star” receivers, it just matters if everyone is on the same page.  Thus the Cowboys will be dangerous through the air no matter who lines up at wide-receiver if we don’t first take care of the run.

To this point in the year, Kerrigan has played well in pass coverage – to the point that our two interceptions have come off of balls tipped by him.  (Last week he was in coverage when Kold tried to feed the tight-end Kerrigan was covering the ball.)  This week however, Kerrigan will have his toughest challenge yet in trying to handle Jason Witten and whether the Cowboys go after Kerrigan or any one of our linebackers, Witten is a match-up problem.  No if Landry plays, that could change things as only he has the combination of strength and speed to perhaps slow Witten down.

Of course, no one has been able to cover Fred Davis so far yet either.  Tonight sets up to be an interesting showdown of tit-ends.  However, similar to Romo, all the lights will shine one Witten while no one in the country knows who Fred Davis is…yet.

It’s almost like Romo and the Cowboys are the good-looking guy in an 80’s movie that start off going out with the prettiest girl in school and Rexus is the ugly kid who just moved into town (a la Ralph Maccio in the Karate Kid) who has a crush on the prettiest girl, but has to prove to everyone to look beyond his bad haircut and old clothes to show that he’s not a total dufus with no skills and no money.

But like Ralph Maccio who had Mr. Miagi, we have one big thing in our favor- the man behind the scenes who is training Rex and his rag-tag bunch to beat Johnny and the Cobra Khans – Shanny.  True Mr. Miagi was an old, fun-loving, Japanese dude who kicked some serious ass and Shanny is a total jerk-off who dyes his hair and goes to tanning booths.  But so far this season, he has done an excellent job of coaching the Redskins.  (By the way, if you look at how badly Minnesota has played this year with McNubb, as the Junkies call him, and look at the talent they have on that team compared with what we had last year on ours, you could say that our 6-10 record was the result of a coaching miracle.)   Anyway, 2-0 is one thing, but if the Redskins beat the Cowboys tonight and go 3-0, no one will be able to say that Shanny is not doing something right.

The Cowboys are favored by 7 points, which either shows that Vegas is trying to sucker some folks into betting on the Cowboys because everyone in the country thinks they are SO good and we are SO bad.  Home-field means nothing between divisional opponents regardless of where the game was played.  It used to when we played at RFK and the bleachers rocked, the Eagles played at the Vet and they threw batteries at the opposing team and the  Giants at the old Meadowlands with the rock-hard astro-turf and the swirling winds.  All that is gone now and division games on the road are the perfect opportunity to catch teams off guard.

Something tells me that Roy Helu will have a big night tonight and the Redskins find a way to get it done.   The prediction here is 20-16 Redskins and Johnny and the other Cobra-Khans go home losers again.

Hit ’em where it hurts

Redskins fans were rather subdued after our victory over Arizona on the way out of the stadium.  Sure, there was some screaming and a noticeable amount of high fives among strangers not sitting next to each other in a stadium.  And sure there was singing of “Hail to the Redskins”, but nothing like after we beat the Giants.  Nothing even close.  I guess that’s what happens when you beat the same team 8 times in a row.

In advance of the Cardinals game, there was not much said at Redskins Park other than “we need to get better” and “it’s only one game” and other platitudes like that.

But now it’s Dallas week and lots of shit is flying.

Sexus Rexus has declared that the Redskins have the BEST receiving corps in the league.  Even a homer like me can’t believe he said that.  Then Hall talks about wanting to hit Romo, Felix Jones and any other injured Dallas player right where it hurts.  Now this is something that is said all the time I would imagine within locker rooms, but when it’s the Cowboys and when it’s a Redskin from the area like Hall who grew up hating the Cowboys, the kind of Redskin player I love most, he can’t help himself.

So far, all the talk nationally about this game has been how heroic Romo was in leading the Cowboys back against the Niners on Sunday and how amazing it is that he is going to play.  All the headlines were on Dallas.  Then Vegas made the Cowboys a 6.5 point spread which means that they would be marginally favored if this game was played in DC.  Then when you think about the fact that our hometown heroes are 2-0 and Dallas is 1-1, I begin to think about how we are in the perfect position to spring the upset on Monday night.

Then Hall said what he said and Sexus said what he said and now everybody remembers that there is another team playing on Monday night besides the Cowboys.

I like the Redskins being quietly confident – the kind of confidence that’s kept behind closed doors.  I just wish they could have kept the doors shut until after Monday night.



Brian Orakpo decks Kevin Kolb on a brutal sack in the 1st half of the Redskins' 22-21 victory over Arizona on Sunday afternoon at FedEx. This hit was so hard that we could hear the impact from high atop Fedex Field in section 449.

So, these tidbits are being combined with my game analysis.  And really, what else do I have to provide other than tidbits from section 449?

1st of all, my buddy Ryan reported late to our meeting place.  We were supposed to meet at 10:45.  He was delayed because he got caught behind the Cardinals bus which was on its way to FedEx Field at around 10am.  By our calculations, the bus probably arrived at FedEx Field at around 11am – only 2 hours before kickoff.  That seems awfully late to me.  Maybe the Cardinals needed to sleep in because of the jetlag since if they had arrived at the stadium at 9am like most NFL teams, they would have to get up at least at 8:00am which would be like 5:00 am West Coast time. Now that is a home-field advantage.    Maybe that explains why the Cardinals stunk so bad in the 1st half.

Of course as everybody knows, that didn’t give us that much of an advantage as the game wore on and we had to grind out a gutsy victory.

There were several things that were apparent from high atop FedEx Field.  1st, DeAngelo Hall was solely assigned to Larry Fitzgerald – not exactly a light weight dude.  He did receive help from a 2-deep safety zone often, but on some plays, he was truly isolated one-on-one on one of the games best receivers.  Of course, he did get burned on the big TD by keeping his eyes on the QB and not on the receiver.  From where we sat, we could see Hall’s head turned towards Kolb.   But I don’t want to crucify Hall.  He has played better this year and he will not be the last to look foolish covering Fitzgerald.

Ryan Kerrigan did a great job on coverage.  While he gave up one big play against the Giants, I thought overall his coverage was pretty good.  On Sunday, he was even better.  Everyone knows about the ball he tipped that led to Fletcher’s interception early in the 3rd quarter, but there were several other occasions when Kolb looked in the direction of the tight end only to see Kerrigan blanket the tight end.  On top of that, Kerrigan is making excellent reads pre-snap.  He adjusted to men in motion and on his sack and two tackles on running plays, he was not fooled by the man in motion, read the formation and attacked as soon as the ball was snapped.

While it’s only two games, it doesn’t seem crazy to think that the Redskins have finally gotten something major right on this team:  Orakpo and Kerrigan both seem like the real deal and the combination of the two has already paid dividends this year and will continue to do so.

In fact, there are many BBRs that are really contributing in huge ways.  While the ‘Skins failed on Thomas and Kelly, it’s no doubt that Davis was a bull’s eye.  Everyone is talking about what a mismatch he is, but from our seats, you can see how truly fast he is and how much faster he seems this year as compared to last.   It’s obvious that the Cardinals were preoccupied with both our TE’s and when Cooley went in motion before the snap (which happened a lot more than Davis going in motion), we could clearly see the Cardinal LBs and safeties adjusting to our TE positioning.

Shanalahan also hit on Helu who is definitely the fastest runner we have had here in at least 10 years.  He is faster than Hightower and the combination was excellent on Sunday.  Not every Sunday is going to be like that, but with Sexus Rexus clearly not as crisp as he was in the season opener against the Giants, the running game was pivotal in our victory. Our offensive line was able to get the 2nd level on several occasions which helped both Hightower and Helu bust the longer runs in both the 1st and 2nd halves.  Chris Chester played much better this week as did Lichtensteiger, neither of whom got beat real bad.

Overall, the offensive line played much better this week albeit against a weaker front 4 than the Giants have.  What was clear though is that Arizona was not going to blitz which meant that Arizona was not going to expose their corners against our passing attack.  When was the last time that happened to us? If there is one major criticism I have of Sexus through two games is that he often hesitates to release the ball even when our receivers are wide open which has been happening a whole lot.  It happened a lot against Arizona and while Rexus’ 2nd interception was not totally his fault as there was a missed pass interference on the play, Sexus got rid of the ball late as Armstrong was open a lot earlier.  And if he had let it go earlier, maybe that would have been a reception, not the opposite.

The jury is still out on Trent Williams, but it’s safe to say that he played much better this week than he did against the Giants.  The Redskins hit on that draft pick too, but he will really hush his critics if he is able to control DeMarcus Ware this Monday night in Dallas.

Other BBRs who proved huge this week were Rocky McIntosh who was all over the field and of course Byron Westbrook who played solid special teams and made one of the game’s biggest plays in stripping the Cardinal receiver late in the 4th quarter to seal the victory for us.  It’s like the ‘Skins have finally started building their team the way other teams do it and so far this season, things are looking bright.

The biggest problem I probably had with the game was the play-calling.  At the end of the 1st half, after Banks had run the punt back and the face-mask penalty had put us on the 20 yard-line or so, I didn’t like the Boy Wonder dialing up a 1st down pass when we had been killing the Cardinals on the run.  Then on 3rd and 4, he passed again.  I like the aggressive play-calling (and in case you wondered, no one in section 449 thought going for it on 4th and 3 at the end of the game when Rexus hit Santana for a TD), but I think with a tired defense who was being run over all 1st half, I think 3 runs would have gotten us a 1st down and more.  Furthermore, Danny Smith calling a directional kick-off at the beginning of the 2nd half when Gano can clearly boot it out of the field of play was stupid and was frankly too cute.  And as we all know, it backfired.

The Redskins are a very well coached team now as evident by two victories during which time we have only commited 5 penalties, one of which was an intentional delay-of-game on Sunday, but sometimes, just sometimes, the coaches have been tinkering with something that was not broken.

Speaking of broken, I really wish Romo wasn’t hurt because I fear that he will pull some Monday night heroics out of his ass.

Double vision:  I know no one may be paying attention, but I find it remarkable that as I type this, the Nats are ahead 3-0 nothing against the Phils in the bottom of the 7th after having won the 1st game of the double-header.  How is it that we have played even with the Phillies, are +2 against the Mets, only -1 against the Braves and are 5-10 against the Marlins?



Week 2 preview

There’s a lot of people who are rooting for Rex Grossman to fail:  Bears fans, NFL experts and fans of the other teams in the NFC East.  We know why the last group is.  Experts want to sound smart and most of them predicted the Redskins to be terrible this year and finish with records like 3-13, 4-12 and even 2-14.  Of course, it’s possible that any of these are still possible since our hometown heroes still have a lot to prove.  Bears fans are rooting against Rex so that they won’t be wrong either- wrong to run him out of town and wrong to think that one of the biggest jerks in the NFL, filled with bravado, Mr. Jay Cutler, is in fact better than the man that they ran out of town.

Of course, I thought Sexus was not the right man for the ‘Skins either.  And maybe me and everyone else will be proven wrong.  But of course, I would rather be proven wrong with Redskins victories rather than be right about Redskins losses.  Thus I am a fan and not a journalist.

In years past, whenever the Redskins would play a team like the Cardinals which was coming off a game where another team exposed an apparent weakness, such as Carolina did in racking up over 400 yards of passing in Cam Newton’s NFL debut, we as Redskins fans would expect the same out of our flawed team, only to be more often not disappointed at the results.  Based off of Sexus’ above-average performance against the Giants last week, a team with a defense considered far superior to Arizona’s despite its injuries, Redskins fans are optimistic Rexus can have an equally strong, if not stronger performance.  Of course, if Sexus Rexus was part of teams from the past, which seemed to brim with confidence and lack talent or youth or skill or some awful combination of all three, he would fall apart and the Redskins would find some way to lose a winnable game.  And that’s exactly what all the Bears, experts, Cowboys, Giants and Eagles fans expect to happen.  And, it goes without saying, some Redskins fans expect it too.

Will it though?  Our o-line performed less than average last week.  If the same thing happens, we could be in trouble.  But just as I don’t expect the Arizona secondary to be as bad as they were last week, I don’t expect our o-line to be as bad either.  NFL teams make adjustments.  The Cardinals have a few pass-rushers which make you nervous, but overall, I still think our offense will be able to their thing.  Shanny and the Boy Wonder called a decent game last week and I think they will also improve as they continue to see what throws Sexus is most comfortable making.  Of course Hightower will be motivated to play well against his old team who thought he was expendable.  Last week, we scored 21 offensive points with a sub-par running game.  I think we’ll be able to add 2 or 3 more points to that.

On defense, the Redskins will have to make the Cardinals one-dimensional by stuffing the run and putting pressure on Kolb.  Otherwise, Larry Fitzgerald will eat our corners alive.  Even with pressure, I still expect him to have a good game as we don’t really have anyone who can cover him one-on-one.  The ‘Skins have game-planned for Kolb before, but I’m sure they will take a fresh approach combined with what we did on our win over Philly last year in October to figure how to frustrate him.  My best hunch is that Landry will not play and now it seems like Orakpo may not either.  Rob Jackson, taken in the 7th round under the Cerrato regime, is a great BBR story and I expect him to play well in Orakpo’s place.  Of course, as representing all the truest virtues of what it means to BBR, I would like to say that Jackson will play just as well as Orakpo, but we may have to wait for him to flourish.  That being said, our defense will probably not be as strong without our two best players in Landry and Orakpo on the sidelines.

I know that the Cardinals returned a kickoff for a TD last week, but the Redskins coverage units are strong and both Gano and Rocca are hitting the ball well on changes of possession.  Factor in Banks and the special teams edge still goes to us.  We are favored by 4, but something tells me we will not win by that much.

Very simply put though, I guess I’m beginning to believe that like Cooley, Fletcher, Alexander and Sexus Rexus himself have been saying all along, this Redskins team is different.  Redskins will win 23-21.

Double vision:  How great is it for the Nats to sweep the Mets in New York?  1st of all, I love DC doing better than New York although two teams totally out of contention fighting for 3rd place in the division hardly warrants any kind of major celebration.  But this is big for the Nats on many levels.  Finishing 3rd would be huge for us considering we have never finished better than 4th in the division.  We won the season series against the Mets 10-8 and we did it all while playing our young players.  Peacock and Milone getting their 1st big league wins and getting solid contributions from our new young hitters.  Ian Desmond has been hitting very well of late which makes you wonder whether the Nats will be content to let him lead-off next year if we are unable to attract a big name lead-off man.

tidbits from section 449

The B2BR routine has not been adhered to as of yet and thus I give you the tidbits from section 449 two days late.  But, better late than never.

Let’s start with the pre-game.  I thought the huge American flag was quite stirring and it was a nice tough to have players from both ends hold up one end of the flag.  I liked that Robert De Niro”s pre-recorded message to the stadium that played on the jumbo-tron directly mentioned the Pentagon and DC as most of the 9/11 coverage has focused solely on New York.  Before the flag ceremony, the Redskin cheerleaders had a nice interpretive dance in which each wore a red, white or blue dress and twirled a red, white or blue flag while dancing.  What was awful however was that the Giants’ punter and place-kicker came out and started warming up during the cheerleaders’ performance.  So while the crowd was getting teary-eyed watching a rather tasteful and surprisingly meaningful dance to “I’m proud to be an American”, the Giants punter sent coffin corners over their heads and landed balls withing 10 yards of our hometown beauties.  Real classy g-men.

There’s lots to say that we saw from section 449.  On offense, we could clearly see that receivers were open all over the field.  Grossman hit them more often than not.  What was interesting is that the Giants did not bump the receivers much at the line.  I am not expert, and I am no Shanny, but the run-blocking scheme did not work all that well on Sunday especially since the Redskins repeatedly ran to our left side.

The interior of our offensive line is not strong and while the line seems improved over all, I think it’s clear that the Redskins will be drafting a center and guard in this upcoming draft.  The Giants got their most pressure from blitzing up the middle and no doubt other teams will see that and I’m sure Arizona will try the same thing this Sunday.  As I said, Trent Williams looked over-matched at times on Sunday, especially by the speed rush.

On defense, the Redskins seem to be using less pre-snap movement and seem to be content trying to win individual match-ups.  We won a lot of those match-ups in the 2nd half, but not as many in the 1st.  Ryan Kerrigan made one very memorable play, but overall, I thought he was quick to react to dropping back in coverage and only got beat once badly in coverage which came on a crossing pattern to the tight end in the 1st half.

Kevin Barnes played well as the nickel corner and I think he has earned himself more playing time even when Buchanan returns in week 5.  What was interesting to see was how many blitzes came from cornerbacks.  I thought DeAngelo Hall played a solid game, especially in the tackling department and Josh Wilson went mostly unnoticed, which is not a bad thing for a corner.

As I mentioned earlier, Brandon Jacobs came running out of the tunnel in a cape as if he thought he was superman.  I have documented how I think he is the #1 asshole in the NFC East, especially that Haynsie is no longer in the division and nothing was more pleasing than seeing him whine and complain after the game about not getting enough carries.

Speaking of post-game comments, I enjoyed listening to Antrel Rolle say on NY radio how he and every other player on the Giants know that they are better than the Redskins and that that  he just felt awful losing to an “inferior” team.  He added that if the Giants played the Redskins 100 times, that we would win only 5.  Well Antrel, 1 down and we got 99 more to win 4.  There’s still a lot more season to be played, but for today Rolle, grow up and take the loss like a grown-up.  And let’s face it, the Giants may have taken it to us recently, but this is a new Redskins team and we kicked their butts on Sunday.

There were some Giants fans in the stands, but not as much as in the past.  Many of them, like Rolle, did not handle the loss well and decided to throw bottles and start hurling insults in the final minutes of the game.  While being escorted out of the stadium, one Ginats fan, wearing a jersey of his hero Eli Manning, walked yelling F!@# you DC and giving us all the bird with both hands.  As he staggered by, I stood up, shook my head and simply said “What would your mother say Eli?”

At last!!!!

What a debut! Ryan Kerrigan corrals the Manning pass he batted high in the air early in the 3rd quarter which the rookie ultimately returned for a TD to register his 1st NFL TD on his 1st NFL interception in his 1st NFL game.

This one was for Brandon Jacobs who is one of the true assholes in the NFC East.  I don’t care if he cried during the 9/11 introduction, you would have to be inhuman not to cry.  Yes, Brandon Jacobs, I mean you who came out on the field wearing a superman cape as if you could not be stopped.  This one is for Justin Tuck who said the Giants had our number.  Not any more.  This is for Devin Thomas who called us the “Deadskins” even though everyone in town supported him even when the coaching staff didn’t.

You own us no more.  I don’t know what will happen when we play you in December, but I do know that no one on this team fears you anymore.

The Redskins did not play a perfect game, but the Redskins were the most consistent team and, for a change, were the team that made the most big plays.  Let’s start with Rex.  There are a lot of people who want to put Sexus down any chance they get.  And of course he still has a lot to prove.  But yesterday, Sexus was pretty damn good.  He certainly knows where to go with this ball in the offense.  He was shaky for two stretches:  the beginning of the game where he went 0-4 and continued to throw the ball high even on completions;  he also was extremely shaky between the end of the 3rd quarter where he got sacked on consecutive plays and followed that with that awful fumble on a sack where the defender did not even try to strip the ball.  That looked like the Rex we already knew.  But the Rex we were not sure we knew came back with a vengeance after the great special teams stop on a block by Orakpo.  This version of Mr. Sexus drove the Redskins 70 yards to ice the game with a perfect TD pass to Jabar Gaffney.  His TD pass to Armstrong at the end of the 1st half to cap off a perfect 2-miunte drive, was even prettier and has been the kind of play we have not been able to complete around here for as long as I remember.

The Redskins robbed Denver blind by getting Gaffney for a Jarmon who was not going to play here and ended up getting cut in Denver.  The combination of him, Moss and Armstrong is a nice receiving corps and the duel tight end set of Cooley and Davis was lethal yesterday with Davis coming up with many huge 3rd down catches, one of which during the 1st quarter, was particularly difficult.

Shanny and the Boy Wonder called a great game aside from two things:  on the consecutive sacks of Sexus i the 3rd quarter, the Shannys screwed it up.  On 2nd down, Sexus got sacked and we were pushed to the 34 yard-line.  On that same play Trent Williams was dinged up.  At that point, I was yelling from section 449 for a run play so that we could just get set up for a field goal since I knew the Giants were going to bring the house against an ailing Williams.  They did and we got pushed out of field goal range.  The only beef I had with the boy wonder came from the fact that seemingly every run in the 2nd half seemed to go left.  Other than that, I loved their aggressive play-calling especially going for it from the 35 yard line in the 2nd quarter on a drive which ultimately resulted in our 1st TD.

Our defense was average in the 1st half, but spectacular in the 2nd half.  While we could not stop the run during the 1st 30 minutes, we took Bradshaw and Jacobs out of the game in the 3rd and 4th quarter.  Kerrigan’s interception for a TD totally charged up the crowd and the team and was quite an athletic play.  I spoke about Neild, a.k.a. the Pocono Punisher,  on this blog when he was drafted and said that if he became anything like a NFL caliber NT that this draft would be considered a huge success.  So far, so good with that.  While there’s a long season to go, it’s nice to see our defensive additions contribute right away, no adjustment period necessary.  Cofield, Bowen, Atogwe, Kerrigan, Neild and Wilson all played well yesterday.  While Doughty is a sure-tackler and works hard, no one will ever mistake him for Landry.    Shutting out the Giants in the 2nd half will rank as the best defensive performance this team has put on in a while.

The combination of Rocca and Banks gave us a huge field-position advantage which continuously pinned the Giants deep for just about the whole game and aside from one big play on Doughty’s busted coverage and one very sub-par defensive effort in the 2nd quarter, the ‘Skins did not break.

Trent Williams had trouble all day and it is clear that he had not arrived yet.  This team has not arrived yet, but for the 1st time in a long time, without big stars and big egos, this Redskins team is playing with a ferocity, energy and positive spirit that has not been seen around here since our playoff run in 2007.    But as  I predicted, I expected the Redskins to win.  I just didn’t predict them to roll over the Giants in the 2nd half.

It’s not stretch to say that a giant monkey is finally off our backs.